How often should I service my vehicle?

A vehicle should be serviced as stated from the original manufacturers intervals. we suggest a regular six months/ 10,000 km service is highly recommendable, as a regular service prolongs the life of the vehicle as well as maintaining a safe and reliable vehicle, we will also fix minor problems before they turn into major problems which will also save you money in not only repair cost but also break down cost. 

Servicing your car regularly will maintain the vehicles performance and efficiency

How often should I check my Tyre pressures?

Having the correct inflation pressure in yourvehicle's tyres not only optimises the performance but also increases your personal safety when driving. As a guide you should check your tyre pressures at least once a month, and before long journeys. Under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption by 10% or more.

How often should I check my vehicles fluid levels?

Accurate warning lights and the improved reliability of the modern car mean that checking under the bonnet has become a less frequent pastime for drivers. However, most manufacturers agree that you should regularly check oil and water levels. we recommend that you visually check under the engine bay every month